Thursday, September 5, 2019

4 Reasons Why I've Been Struggling with Blogging Lately

1) I Don't Spend a Lot of Money on Clothes

Without going into my whole life story, I am a 20-something lady with a very strict budget! I think no matter what your situation is, you should have some sort of budget, even if it's not a strict one! To be transparent, I give myself only $100/month to spend on "fun things" which include clothes, items I don't necesarily need (home decor, fancy shmancy hairspray, etc.) and concerts. Essentially, anything that isn't a bill or necessity that is absolutely needed in my life.

This effects my blogging life because (as you can imagine) I'm not buying a lot of clothes that are currently in stores. I re-style older items and buy a very large majority of my clothes on sale (so most of the time they are sold out by the time I can share with you guys!). I try really hard to link up "similar items" for you guys to shop when I share an outfit via  but from experience and analytics, "similar items" are not things you girlies tend to shop, which is understandable. If you see something you want, you probably want that exact item!

Plus, it's stress on me because I feel so obligated to post LTK links so if I can't find similar items, I tend to just not post the outfit - am I the only crazy who does this?

Question: would you guys rather me link similar items, or not even worry about it? Does it depend how close it actually is to the item I'm wearing that makes a difference?

A "good deal" to me is not $80 booties marked down from $150. A good deal to me is an $11 top (can I get an amen!?) and $30 wedges. And obviously, budgeting and finances are very personal things to each individual and if $80 booties are within your budget then by all means, have at it! That's just nothing that is within my realm of spending right now, nor did I grow up spending like that. This is one of my biggest peeves about the Nordstrom sale: yes, things were on sale. But the sale price was not a price that was reasonable to me.

Again, to each their own! I'm not bashing anyone for buying anything, as long as you're staying within your own personal budget!