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Thursday, November 21, 2013
So I have been getting an itch for a hair change lately but I'm too scared to dye my hair and I will never get a different hair cut. I'm too stubborn and love my long hair. So instead of doing something drastic, like either of the previously mentioned changes, I decided to toy around with my hair a little bit..

My usual regime is pretty simple: I wash my hair with curly shampoo (I switch between Pantene and Treseme) and condition with Herbal Essence. I know that is a lot of different products but for my hair, it works best to switch around. Then all I do after I get out of the shower is put some Garnier Fructis Curl Constructing Mousse and wait 6 hours for my hair to dry. This is not an exaggeration. My hair takes that long to dry and that's with me periodically drying it with a diffuser. Such a pain but worth it! I usually shower at night so the next morning I can curl it with my wand when my hair is dry. I only wand the top layer because my hair is pretty wavy so the mix between the wand curls and my natural curls underneath mesh together well and hey, it takes me less time than doing most of my hair. It takes me about 20-30 minutes to curl the top layer. Here is a picture of my everyday hair..

I have been doing it like this for years and I love it.. Except for waiting for it to dry. I don't like going out looking like a wet mop so I wash my hair on nights when my husband and I have no plans.

So after reading some blogs and talking to friends, I decided to take on a little different tactic on my hair. I don't think it is a drastic change, but it was different enough for me. So the alternative hair regime is shower, wash with the same shampoos, blow dry all of my hair, sleep on it and curl with a curler the next morning, but use the curler as a wand. I don't clamp my hair, I just wrap the hair around the curler, just like you would do with a wand. It took me an HOUR to curl my entire head. An hour. That's a long time to be curling hair! I've done it twice and then I was over it. However, I do like the way my hair looks...

Like I said, not a huge difference, just different timing. So here is my dilemma..
- I can either shower and mousse, wait 6+ hours to dry but curling only takes 20ish minutes
- I can shower and blow dry and have instant dry hair, but take an hour to curl.

I just realized I don't even know why I am posting this.. I'm sure no one cares about my different hair processes. Soooooo.. Happy Thursday. I have no life. Goodbye.

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