Whites and Brights

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
I got some little, new additions to my wardrobe! These adorable mint wedges from Simple Addictions {see rant at end of post}, and some new tassel colors from StyleThisLife. I wore this outfit yesterday for a day of errand running and little shopping - I got a bathing suit top from Target for $5.83, whaaaaaat!? WHAT A STEAL! And mine and David's one year anniversary is in two weeks so I have been doing a little sneaking around to get him something in secret :) I hope he doesn't find out!

Top: Forever 21 (old, but most similar here)
Jeans: Forever 21
Crystal bracelet: LoveAndreasCloset
Chain bracelet: LoveAndreasCloset
Tassels: StyleThisLife
(I initially got my tassel bracelet from LoveAndreasCloset then found out that individual tassels were cheaper from StyleThisLife. Unfortunately, the tassels and bracelets don't match size-wise for both companies so I would suggest picking one and buying all your products from one shop. BUT, both shops are amazing! Go check them out and support Etsy sellers)
Wedges: Simple Addictions

**Now for the rant... I rarely, if ever, talk bad about a company or product because I very rarely get disappointing products. This however, is one of those instances. I bought these wedges online from Simple Addictions. I was so excited to get them and shipping was very fast! Come to find out that when I received and opened the package, the wedges were defected. "Defected" is the most accurate way to describe them because one of the straps doesn't go on correctly around my foot and it is already coming undone where the strap attaches to the wedge. I emailed them the day after I received them and still haven't gotten a response. I emailed them again today and hope I get a response soon. Sending a defected item and not responding to a customer is so unprofessional to me. If the problem is fixed and/or I get my money back, then maybe I will be more of a Simple Addictions advocate! If not, I can't say that I will ever buy from them again or give them any publicity - and this is why I have not tagged/linked their website to this post. Let's hope the problem gets fixed! Okay rant ended.**

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