A Pop of Color

Friday, July 10, 2015
A pop of color goes a long way.

This morning I was feeling a little bit monochromatic - as you can tell. But I was craving something else to add to this outfit. That's when I turned around and saw my new Kate Spade bag in my closet. The heavens opened and a bright beam cast upon it and the trumpets sounded - dun dun dun-na!

Just kidding, it wasn't that serious. I'm being weird. But I really was excited to add a little pink to my outfit. (insert heart eyes emoji)

Not that this outfit necessarily needed a pop of color, but it's something I wanted to add. It's perfectly okay - and chic-  to wear monochromatic outfits. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The way to balance out the simplicity of them is to add a pop or color, or even some pattern mixing. Or do both as I did here! Try adding a colorful arm stack, patterned shoes or a bright purse. It's an easy way to add a little pizzazz to a potentially "plain" outfit. 

What's your favorite (or go-to way) to add a some brightness to your outfits?

Earrings: Kendra Scott
Purse: Kate Spade, similar, similar
Skirt: Forever 21, similar, similar
Flats: Target

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