L'Oreal EverPure Repair and Defend Review from Influenster

Monday, May 9, 2016
I was sent 4 products from the L'Oreal EverPure - Repair and Defend collection from Influenster for testing purposes and wanted to share my findings with you! Let's start with some info about the products...

The L'Oreal EverPure Repair and Defend collection is the one I received but they also have a variety of solutions that focus on moisturizing, volume, smoothing or blonde hair (which I'm excited to try). I think the big "draw" about these products is that they are sulfate-free. Sulfate-free shampoos are great at cleansing the hair and scalp by cutting through the dirt and grime. They are especially great for hair that is naturally prone to dryness, or is course, curly or fragile and fine. It's even better for color treated hair because sulfates can strip strands of color and no one wants that! 

So the L'Oreal website says that this collection is their "first sulfate-free color-care system for damaged, color-treated hair. Infused with Acai, Goji and a UV Filter, the Antioxidant Complex repairs and strengthens hair while helping keep color pure. Our Shampoo & Conditioner deeply strengthens and helps protects from color aggressors." - all great benefits!! So now that you know a little more background on these products, let's get into the review! 

The shampoo is the type of shampoo that takes a few washes for your hair gets used to it. On the first wash, I wasn't a fan. Second wash, I liked it a little better and now I've been using it for about 3 weeks and love it! It has a salon shampoo smell and I love the fact that it's sulfate free! I don't have super color treated hair so that may play a part in my experience as well (I just have a very subtle balayage). I’ll be honest, I didn’t really find anything particularly amazing about this shampoo by itself, but I think it works well with the whole L’Oreal EverPure collection. I would be really interested to see how it works on more color treated hair than mine! 

The L'Oreal conditioner has a fantastic scent of minty goodness! It smells like a salon quality conditioner and I love it! The downfall is that I find myself having to use lot of product to even really feel like I’m conditioning my hair and what stinks even more is that the bottle is pretty small (I usually get the huge family size bottles). I have long, thick wavy hair and go through shampoo and conditioner like crazy so that's the one thing I would change about this product. 

As for the mask, I honestly am not sure how I feel about the mask, and don’t have much to say about it. I have been using a decent amount in my hair and following the directions (let it sit in your hair for 3-5) and it does make your hair feel softer in the shower, however, I’m not sure that it makes a difference once my hair is dry. I think it could be a nice condition mask for some, but it doesn’t “wow” me and I don't think I will be purchasing it myself. 

The leave in conditioner is another one that a little time to grow on me. I didn’t see a difference in my hair within the first couple of uses but now I really like it! I’ve been looking for a great leave in conditioner that would help with frizz and shine and this product does just that! It’s a lightweight serum and it doesn’t take much to make a difference so be careful when applying! I would start with a small amount and build up with each application - I use about 2 and a half pumps for my thick mane! 

So overall, I think this L’Oreal EverPure collection is definitely one to try if you have color treated hair and are looking for a new group of products that helps nourish, treat and protect color treated hair! If you've tried this line before (or any others from the Ever Pure collection), let me know what you think!

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