The Best Places to Shop for Inexpensive Bathing Suits

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Warmer weather is just on the horizon for most of us, which means laying out by the pool with a cold drink in hand is quickly approaching. If you're like me, you might treat yourself to a new bathing suit (or two!) when summer is approaching, but finding the perfect suit can be hard.

I've had a surprisingly hard time bathing suit shopping this season... I think part of that reason is that I refuse to pay $80 for a one piece, or $50 for a cute top. I don't even pay that for a real clothing top that doesn't get soaked in chlorine and color bleached in the sun haha.

With that being said, I've ordered a few suits from a few different retailers and thought I would share my thoughts with you guys if you're shopping for bathing suits as well! Here are some of my favorite places to shop for bathing suits, along with their return policies.

Full refunds within 90 days with receipt.

American Eagle
Free shipping and returns with a bathing suit purchase!

Unfortunately bathing suits are not returnable so check the reviews, their sizing, and hope for the best! I've gotten 7 suits from them at this point and only 2 haven't worked out. They were also about $11 each so I was okay risking it.

Full refunds within 30 days.

Full refund within 90 days with receipt.

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