Friday, March 1, 2019

What I'm Loving: February Favorites 2019

Each month I round up a list of my current favorites - from TV shows, to beauty products, outfits and everything in between!


Timebomb by WALK THE MOON 


The weather in Dallas has been utterly bipolar, but that doesn't keep me from always wearing black. For some reason, this winter I really embraced my inner sk8r girl that has always been inside me. I went through an emo/punk rock stage in middle school, where I listened to a good amount of screamo and angsty music, and I always have liked an edgier style. Don't get me wrong - I dress girl sometimes but I still like to be a little punk rock girly. I'm already thinking about how to incorporate a hella about of black into my summer wardrobe when it's 100 degrees in Dallas...