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Friday, May 28, 2021

ProLon Review: My Experience + What to Expect with the 5 Day Fast Mimicking Diet

Fasting (specifically intermittently) is the hot weight-loss trend at the moment, so you've probably seen many programs and diets popping up.

I follow @whitswhims on Instagram and she is a big advocate of the ProLon program, which is where I initially heard of it. She has shared her results and consistently shares the results she hears from followers who have done ProLon as well. Almost every day I saw how people were telling her they lost 5-9 lbs. in 5 days so I was shocked and intrigued by that. I ended up pulling the trigger on ProLon because of see other people's and my intrigue of it. If I lost weight, that would be cool too!

ProLon is a 5-day "fast mimicking" program claimed to have many benefits, not just weight loss. Their website says it's intended to "lose weight and belly fat, kickstart healthy eating habits, gain control over portion sizes, and improve energy. Multiple cycles also support cell rejuvenation for healthy aging."

The 5-day kit costs $199. I waited for a sale + used an affiliate code to get my kit for $120 which was reasonable for me (but also thinking in the back of my head how a week's worth of groceries is usually only $80 for me 😅). They also give the option to sign up for a monthly subscriptions which is $189 and a bulk order option for $565 that includes 3 boxes.

The ProLon kits can last up to a year as well so if you see a sale, I would suggest grabbing one or more whenever you see a good sale because you can keep it and use for whenever you'd like.

When you order the kit from ProLon, they give you a kit that includes all of your food and drinks for five days. The boxes have different varieties of snack bars, soups, supplements, and teas for each day of the diet. 

A typical day look something like this: 

  • Breakfast: L-bar and tea (I always subbed a cup of black coffee here)
  • Lunch: soup, tea, and snack (either olives or kale chips)
  • Afternoon: snack and tea 
  • Dinner: Soup, L-drink (helps with digestion) dessert bar (essentially a chocolate-covered almond bar)

The ProLon website doesn't provide much info on the pills and drinks you're taking during the diet. I'm sure many people blindly take these pills and drops without researching them so that's a little concerning to me. Even though ProLon is backed by scientific research, I think you should still know what's going into your body, so I researched as I was taking them. They provide vegetable supplements, algal oil pills (amino acids), and L-drinks (to help with digestion) — all safe and healthy things to take.

I already eat like a rabbit (in pretty small, healthy portions) like a rabbit so this wasn't an incredibly different diet for me. I don't count calories religiously, but I would guess that my usual calorie intake during the week is around 1,200 calories/day or less. This is not the case on weekends as I love pizza but during the week I'm decently strict. I'm also gluten-free and not a huge meat eater so the ProLon plan didn't sound too severe to me to try.

How's the food? Really good for the most part. Every day is somewhere between 750-1,000 calories. 

The soups are the "main" meals every day and my least favorite of the packets so that kind of stinks. However, everything else is really good. The breakfast bars (called L-bars), kale chips, and chocolate bars are delicious and I wish I could buy them on their own. 

You're allowed to switch up your eating schedule per day, but you can't switch the items in each box for different days. For instance, you can switch your "dinner" soup for your "lunch" soup but not switch Day 1's soup with Day 2's soup. Outside of the box's contents, you're only allowed one cup of black coffee per day and water.

Overall, I love the benefits of ProLon but there was a 24 hour period that was really difficult. Days 1, 2, and 5 were great while days 3-4 were borderline unbearable and I was very close to eating real food. Besides that, my energy levels were through the roof and I am very much considering a plant-based diet because of how I felt doing ProLon.

What I missed most during the 5 day ProLon fast was fresh food. All I was craving were fresh fruits — a bit of an apple, a little banana, a baby smoothie, anything.

ProLon Results
ProLon Results

The most impactful effects I personally experienced were no bloating, increase in energy and clear mind. I was very happy with these effects but I do not think I lost any weight, or very little. I would be totally guessing but if I had to guess how much weight was lost, I would say half a pound, which doesn't sound impressive but agin, I'm very happy with the results and I don't have a lot of weight to lose anyways. I'm 125 lbs. and 5'5".

PS — I'm writing this on a Friday night because I'm so excited and eager to share my results. A lot of people asked for an update when I was done so here you go :)

Please also note that I am by no means a doctor or dietician. Do your own research and read other people's experiences. I am just sharing my knowledge and experience doing the 5-day ProLon diet. Everyone will have a different experience on both sides of the spectrum — good and bad. I've read many reviews from well-known sources and the effects are across the board. Some people have felt amazing, lost 9 lbs. and can't wait to do it again; others have hated life and barely made it. I even read one review where someone was drinking the excess olive juice from the packets, so keep your mind open to the possibilities.

There is so much information to share on this topic; I tried to keep this post as concise as possible while still sharing all the necessities. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me ( I'd be happy to talk about it!

If you're planning to try the ProLon diet, here are some things I learned along the way to help you out. Again, remember each person is different and your results will be different but here are some tips that Iw wish I had known beforehand.

Things to note before starting:

  • I don't think ProLon offers an ingredient list to look at before someone purchases but please note that many of the snacks are based off almonds and other nuts. I did not see any peanuts on there but that could be a potential setback or major issue for some people.
  • The teas provided are decaffeinated but you can substitute one black cup of coffee per day. I did this and have about 10 tea bags left over lol
  • While summer is the popular time to try weight loss tactics, it was kind of weird to be eating soup in 85°. Random note but something to think about.

My suggestions:

  • Add a little extra water (1/4 to 1/2 more) to the soups and make them on the stove in lieu of the microwave. You can add as much or little water as you want but this was the sweet spot that I preferred.
  • Don't wait until you're starving to eat. I rationed out my daily food so that I was eating a little bit every few hours instead of in 3/4 sittings. Once you're starving but only get 200 calories for lunch or dinner, that's when you feel the worst.
  • Take advantage of carbonated water. I drank this 2 nights of the week when there was a foot shortage. I'm not 100% this is okay but I was desperate and it's 0 calories so probably alright!
  • Get enough sleep and keep yourself busy so you're not sitting around sulking at the fact you're missing food.
  • On day 3 when food is sparse, I tried to split up the snacks more. For example, only ate half my kale chips in one sitting and left the rest for a snack later at night since there was no dinner snack. 

My Experience with ProLon Per Day


  • 1 hour cardio workout to jumpstart the week. I didn't know if I would have enough energy to do much else so I went hard and felt fine.
  • Felt normal and energized throughout the day. My brain was running a million miles a minute in a good way. Super efficient at work.
  • Felt hungry after dinner but not horribly.


  • Felt energized and brain quality was on point. Another efficient wor.k day.
  • Hungry after dinner again but again, not horribly

DAY 3 
     Soup and L-chips from ProLon diet

  • Low calorie day. 
  • The day was good for me, but by late afternoon/night was feeling uncomfortably hungry and had difficulty sleeping.
  • Drank a lot of tea to try and curb the appetite but it wasn't effective
  • Day 3 has fewer snacks than the other days (besides day 5) and not having 1 or 2 snacks when you're eating such few calories already is hard.


  • Work up so hungry which was the first time this had happened to me so far. Not a good feeling.
  • Found myself counting down the hours until I could eat my snack of 8 olives.
  • Very hungry, felt foggy and brain dead. I also write for my full time job and I was just writing gibberish nonsense.
  • I was really close to giving up but with just a day and a half left, I powered through!
  • Mustered up enough energy to do a 1 hour cardio session. Surprisingly, I felt a little better after this knowing I still had soup and one snack to eat for the day still!
  • Went to bed comfortably full


  • Woke up JACKED and motivated to finish this thing out
  • High brain power and energy levels
  • Day 5 is another very low calorie day


  • Woke up the day after the diet ended feeling energized and motivated
  • You're supposed to eat easy meals for the next couple days after ending the diet (like smoothies, rice, toast, etc.)
  • Within the next few days, I had avo toast, sushi, salads, fruits, chicken and veggies
  • Felt sluggish by the time Monday morning rolled around and all through work

TL;DR — Overall, I am happy with the results. I felt amazing during the 5 day ProLon fast (except for about 24 hours during days 3-4). Would I do it again? Yes.

I think ProLon is a great option for a detox before an event or before/after a trip but it is pretty expensive. The lack of bloating and how much energy I had really was incredible and I am seriously considering implementing a plant-based diet (or close to it) for the future.

I think this is also a great way to jumpstart a healthy diet. Again, I already ate decently healthy beforehand but this really ignited a motivation in me to keep doing so. I am feeling great!

I'm really proud of myself for accomplishing something like this. I'm not one for diets (I actually hate them generally). I just eat healthy, small meals all the time instead of ever dieting. 

**Update: convinced ProLon to give me a coupon code for you guys. Use CART30 for $30 off your order!** Please note, this is a general discount code meaning I receive no kickbacks from sharing this code. I truly wanted a code so that if you wanted to try it, you had a little discount because it is a little pricey. Please let me know if you order with this code/through my content (just for my own curiosity!)

Let me know in the comments if you've tried ProLon or a similar diet! I'd love to hear about your results and experiences.

ProLon Results
Before and after ProLon Results

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Top 10 Best Places to Grab a Drink in Dallas: for Happy Hour, Dates, GNO & Awesome Vibes

Summer is H E R E ☀️ Time to grab a drink!

With a plethora of options to choose from, finding a place to grab a drink in Dallas can become daunting.

I've experienced my fair share of sad or crappy places around town and quickly decided which are my favorites.

Many friends and family members have visited me over the seven years I've lived here and I love acting as tour guide. I quickly started to gather which places were my favorite and which bars in Dallas are overhyped.

Bookmark this post so you can easily access it the next time you have friends or family in town, or are in need of a new place to hit up on the weekend!

I could add a million places to this list but I think it would get way to overwhelmed so here are my all-time favorite places to grab drinks in Dallas, TX, what to get, if you need a reservation, and any downfalls you should know before heading there. 

Happiest Hour

616 Olive St, Dallas, TX 75201

I fell in love with Happiest Hour the very first time I walked up. There's this beautiful outside space you see at first, and you walk up this semi-long sidewalk, through double doors with the perfect Beyonce wind blowing your hair back, and into the all pretty-ness that is HH.

Haha, just I made it sound way more wonderful and dramatic than it actually is BUT it is such a great place and some of that portrayal is actually true. Majority of the seating and tables are outside (which is amazing), but there's also indoor seating and you can reserve tables
for bigger parties. 

One of the best parts about this place is the rooftop patio! You have an up close and personal view of Reunion Tower and the downtown scene. It's also walking distance to the AAC so the perfect pregame spot to hit up before concerts or games.

I also love the atmosphere there! I think most would call this a "boujee" place and I wouldn't disagree, but it's an odd yet perfect mix of boujee and casual. You'll see people in workout clothes, and also see girls who look like they're grabbing a drink before attending a fancy gala - it's actually pretty entertaining.

What to get: the summer beer (it'll knock out off your rocker) frosé (a perfect, light drink for summer), the loaded cheese fries are must-get and the flatbread pizzas are delicious.

Downfalls: there are no bar tops on the rooftop; if you don't get a seat, you're stuck standing around holding your drink. It's also not incredibly close to other places to bar hop (although it is walking distance to the AAC so the perfect pre-game place for any event there) and it can get really packed on the weekends with long wait times.

Do you need a reservation? They don't offer reservations. Wait times can get a little crazy on the weekends but you can hang out outside or on the rooftop until your table is ready if you want to order food.

Indoor/outdoor seating? Yes to both.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Travel Tips & Route Through Idaho and Washington: Visiting Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Chelan and Leavenworth

My boyfriend and I headed on a much needed vacation to the Pacific Northwest to see the mountains, spend time at the lake, and hang out with his friends! We were beyond stoked to get away for some adventure and relaxation.

Our trip was fantastic! The only thing I would change is the amount of time we stayed there — I wish it were longer.

I highly recommend checking out this part of the world if you fancy lakes, mountains, and the outdoors. I'll be visiting Idaho again this summer.

Short version of the trip:

- Flew from DFW to Spokane
- Drove to Coeur d’Alene and spent the day there
- Spent the nigh in Spokane, got breakfast and drove to Chelan
- Spent 3 days in Chelan and drove to Leavenworth
- Spent 1 day in Leavenworth
- Drove to Wenatchee to fly back to Dallas

Coeur d’Alene, ID

We flew into Spokane early on a Friday morning and my boyfriend's friend picked us up from the airport in Spokane and we drove to Coeur d’Alene for the day. It was about a 40 minute, easy drive.

We got brunch at a little dive-ish bar near Coeur d’Alene Resort and after brunch we headed to the lake. 

We enjoyed the sunshine, water, and a little hiking. Be sure to wear sneakers because it's a rocky trek to get to some little of the nooks around the lake and close to the shore. 

The resort and surrounding Airbnb's were expensive so we decided it was easier and smarter to head back to Spokane and spend the night there but before heading to bed, we showered off and hit the town!

Here's a look at our trek to get a better gauge on the area:

travel tips to washington and idaho

Spokane, WA

We stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Spokane Downtown in Spokane. It was really nice and had a Starbucks in the lobby so no complaints there–lol.

We all showered, napped and got ready to get dinner at Veraci Pizza, which was an amazing pizza spot! The waiters were really friendly and they have gluten free options. I got the chicken pesto pizza and it was *chef's kiss* good.

However, we did have a 2 hour wait for Veraci and they don't take reservations so I suggest doing what we did and walk next door to Nectar Wine and Beer and grab some drinks while you wait! They have indoor and patio seating. I had the Three Thieves Pinot Noir (it was good, nothing too special) and the boys had The White Lodge by Holy Mountain Brewing and would not stop talking about how great it was for the next 3 days so safe so say that's a good one to try. Plus, it's hard to find in the area so be sure to get that if you like trying unique beers. 

If you get a bartender who looks like Chris Daughtry in his mask - let him know. He'll love it.

The next morning we got brunch at Chaps before heading to Chelan. It's this super cute place with an outdoor patio and is located on the side of a mountain. I think the building used to be an old home or mansion because all of the areas inside seem to be sectioned off like a home and each "room" is decorated a little differently. It has a hipster and vintage vibe.

Chaps is known for it's baked good but since I eat gluten free, I got an omelette (which was huge and delicious) + hash browns that were the best I have ever had - seriously. You have to get them if you go there. The table next was also raving about their oatmeal and said it was the best they ever had. All the baked goods looked delectable so I think Chaps is one of those restaurants  

Tipsy Canyon Winery Chelan WA
Tipsy Canyon — Chelan, WA

Chelan, WA

Wine Tour

Chelan is known for it's wine so a wine tour is a must. There's a wine for everyone and the sights are beyond gorgeous.

The tour consisted of Radiance Winery, Tipsy Canyon Winery and Succession Wines. They were all a blast. I unfortunately didn't document which wines I liked best but I can attest to them all being beautiful, lively, and worth your time!

Lake Day 

Sunday we had a lake day with a bunch of their friends and it was very gorgeous! There were mountains,  vineyards and cliffs on all sides the mountain so you always had an extra pretty view. Again, the water was really chilly but we all still got in and had a great time!

Eating & Drinking

We got dinner at Mexican place in downtown Chelan called Marcela's Cocina Mexicana margaritas were divine and the food was good but nothing to rave about to be honest.

After dinner, we went to a bar called Laela's which was cute and the owner was incredibly nice. It's so fun when you get to visit small town spots and get the "local" treatment because Lord knows there aren't many places like that in Dallas. Our restaurants are always packed and you never even know who the owner is.

Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth. Is. Beautiful.

Just Google it and you'll see how cute the town is!

While we were only there a short time, I am so happy we stopped here on our way out of town. 

Leavenworth is the cutest little German town. It is very Oktoberfesty and the surrounding lake and mountains are breathtaking. We went hiking then quickly grabbed beers and a charcuterie board at Icicle Brewing before heading to the airpot.

I would highly recommend stopping here if you're in the area for a day of fresh air, sightseeing, and to be in awe of God's creation. 

visiting idaho and washington

Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Beginner's Guide to Breckenridge, Colorado: Blogger Edition (Not Based Around Skiing)

I've taken two trips so far in 2021 — which a summer trip to Florida coming up — and crowd sourcing recommendations has been one of my favorite things! My Insta-friends and co-workers have been incredible assets when looking for places to eat and stay, and what to do.

My latest trip was to Breckenridge, CO and all the recommendations were on point. This list includes the top recommendations I received plus the places I found while exploring.

Breckenridge is a quaint ski town and the whole town functions around that. Every place around town is very casual and everyone goes to restaurants and shops in their ski gear most days but people do get dressed up at night to go out-out.

One thing to note is that almost no places along Main Street have wifi available so if plan to go out around time to work, make sure you have your own hotspot. I was actually shocked by this. When I asked waiters and bartenders why that was, one sassy response was "we encourage people to be social and talk to each other" and the other one was "we just never have." So... There you go.

Breckenridge is very string on masks — don't forget yours!

Where to Stay 

Twin Elks Lodge in Breckenridge

I can't speak on behalf of the entire town in regards to the best places to stay but we stayed in the Twin Elks Lodge and we booked through VRBO.

It was a perfect location. Props to my mom for scouring the web looking for a cute place in a prime location!

It was within walking distance of Main Street (the hot spot of the town — you need to stay close to this) and a short bus ride to the ski slopes. I am directionally challenged and after a day or two of navigating around, I could get everywhere on my own.

Breckenridge has a lot of free transportation and helpful maps to help you get around, so you'll be saving money if you are able to walk to take the bus to the strip on Main Street.

Where to Eat

I hate long, drawn-out food reviews so here's a short and sweet list of places to eat and what you can expect:

  • Fatty’s for pizza and Italian — they have gluten free!
  • The Cookie Shop — delicious, super sweet, humongous cookies. There's always a line out the door and they sell out early in the day, so catch them when you can. They're yummy to warm up later!
  • Downstairs at Eric’s for pizza, burgers and beer — it’s a divey tavern inside an arcade, which is cool and fun for a night out.
  • The Blue Stag Saloon — great for drinks after the slopes or a day of work and coffee. It was mostly younger, party people there and very lively.
  • Crepes A La Cart — we didn't get a chance to go to this spot but it was always busy and a recommendation from a local friend of mine.
  • The Gold Pan Saloon — cute bar and restaurant with a lively crowd. The food was decent and the hot toddy's are strong. 
**Side note: no places take reservations, you just have to get on the wait list. In my experience, it was best to put your name down around 4pm and do an early dinner while you're there. If you wait until later in the night (like past 6pm) you will have slim pickings of places to eat in-person but most places do take out so you won't starve.

If you have a horrible memory (like me) save this post on Instagram to check out later or when you need it!

What to Do

Besides skiing/snowboarding, the only other attraction I found to do was visit the Breckenridge Troll.

This is a must-do in my opinion. It was the most gorgeous walk and scenery I've ever seen.

Again, you can take the Breckenridge bus system to the Troll stop and it's about a 5-ish minute walk to find the troll. If these videos and photos don't convince you to head there, you have no soul.

Breckenridge Troll

Friday, April 9, 2021

LTK Spring Sale 2021: Abercrombie, tarte & The Styled Collection Picks

It's that time of the year again!

The LTK app is having a shopping exclusive – all you have to do is shop through the app to receive the additional promotions.

Here's how to get the app, find my picks, and shop the sale: 
1) To download the free LTK app, search "" in the app store 
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3) When the results populate, click the "influencer" option at the top and my profile should pop up 
4) The posts with the red LTK tag are part of the sale. Click the item you're interested in + the "copy promo code" button and shop! The promo will be applied to your cart.

To go straight to my LTK page, click here.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Complete Guide to a Weekend Trip in Scottsdale: Where to Stay, What to do, Where to Eat & Drink

what to do in scottsdale

I tried to keep this post concise because, personally, I don't like lengthy and in-depth reviews. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me! I'd be happy to answer anything.


Hyatt Regency Scottsdale

About the Resort

The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa was one of the prettiest resorts I've ever stayed at. There were palm trees across every inch of land, our room overlooked the golf course (which made for beautiful sunrises), it was clean and the staff was friendly. Absolutely no complaints on the hotel, our room, grounds, or surrounding area.

I will say, the Hyatt Regency is pricy (for my taste) but if you want to stay at an all-inclusive resort, this is a great option. I'm naturally a little cheap-hearted but my friend works for Hyatt and got us the hook-up. At normal price, I would probably not stay here unless it was for a special occasion, but it is a fantastic resort.

This reel shows a full look at the the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale and spa:

About the Spa

My friend and I grabbed a casual breakfast and coffee at the resort one morning before our spa day; it was nothing special, but it was good. One step up from a regular hotel breakfast.

The boys went golfing one day so the girls stayed around the resort for massages and a spa day. I'm not one to typically spend time at the resort or get massages when I go out of town but if this is what you enjoy doing on vacation, you will love the spa amenities at the Hyatt Regency. It is amazing and the whole day was a relaxing, incredible experience.

They have a sauna, hot tub, heated pool, fireplace and lounge seats outside. We enjoyed lunch and wine while lounging in the sun by a fireplace—it was wonderful. 

Shop LTK