Winc Wine Review - The Membership You're Missing Out On

Tuesday, November 5, 2019
Winc Review
When Winc Wines reached out to me for a collaboration, I was so stoked. Maybe even too stoked. Who wouldn't want to work with a wine company!? Only some cockatoos, I tell ya!

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Before we dive into things, I do feel like I need to preface this post and acknowledge the fact that I am a new-ish wine convert. I do not know what I'm talking about when it comes to the sophisticated notes and tastes of wine. I once saw a wine described as having "hints of the inside of an oak barrel"....okay. Ridiculous statements like this are probably what turned me off of wine in the first place....

But within the last few months, I started to dive into it a little more and I think my palate has changed for the better. I started as a pure rosé girl and now I'm a proper 29-year old woman who likes an assortment of reds. I still don't know what I'm talking about so if you're a wine connoisseur, please don't hate me. If you have a sense of humor, please continue to move your eyes in a left-to-right-downward motion.

What's Winc, You Ask!?

So glad you asked! Winc is advertised as a wine club membership program, but there are no fees you have to pay, and no commitments. The "membership" just gives you discounted prices on their website. You can set up your shipments for however frequent or infrequently you would like. They've been mentioned by huge brands like Forbes and Vogue, which is part of the reason I wanted to check them out as well. One of the most important parts about Winc is that the wine gets delivered straight to your door! Alas, the wine gods have smiled upon us.

Winc is great for new-to-the-scene wine lovers because they give you in-depth descriptions of each wine, what food to pair it with, and a helpful little book with some general wine terms you should learn. It's also a nice idea for the more seasoned wine lovers who simply like to try new wines. Winc works with winemakers and vineyards all across the globe, and I'm pretty positive they make their own wines that you can't buy in store #exclusive.

How Winc Works

I got my first box at the end of August with whites and roses for summer, and just ordered a "fall" shipment with all reds. I am stoked about this!! I'll give another review after I've guzzled down those bottles.

As a novice wine-o, I love the fact that Winc really helps you figure out what you might like right off the bat! I have no idea what kind of taste, hints, or bodies I like so taking their Palate Profile is a great place to start if you don't quite know what you're doing.

Here's how the whole Winc process works:
1) You start off by taking a little quiz to help Winc better understand your taste buds.
2) They'll suggest 4 wines for you to get in your box. (You don't have to get these, you can switch them out for whatever you want!)
3) Your wine gets shipped quickly and usually gets to you within a week.
4) Sit around and relax while you get wine delivered straight to your door.
5) Review your wines online to get a better curated box next time! (They take in your feedback so that they can better suggest wines for future shipments)

Selection of wine from Winc
You can choose anywhere from 2-4 bottles in each package (but 4 bottles get free shipping so why not do that!?). Prices vary from $15-$55 without the Winc membership. With the membership, you get anywhere from about $2-10 off each bottle - which adds up to some extra cash money in yo pocket! With all the money you saved through Winc, you could make the ultimate charcuterie board! ;)

What I Tried From Winc

When I ordered my first box, it was still in the dead of summer so I opted for sweeter and lighter options. Here is what I got along with a short review of each:
  • 2017 Summer Water Rosé
    • A little too sweet for me, but good. This is one of their most popular options.
  • 2018 Mercana Malbec
    • Tasted like rubbing alcohol and made me cringe.
  • 2018 Cocomero Rosé
    • Light and fruity; was supposed to have hints of watermelon, but I couldn't detect them.
  • 2017 Rosa Obscura Red Blend
    • Yummy! My favorite one of the bunch.
Winc wine subscription

Winc Promo Code

By signing up for Winc through this link, you'll get $22 off your first order + free shipping! That's basically 2 bottles for free, babeh babeh!
Go getcha some 🍷

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