Sisters, Starbucks, Spa & Shopping

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Today was a wonderful day. My two younger sisters and I went to get our nails done today! Our mom got me and Kelly gel manicures on Groupon with the intention of us using that before the wedding. Well seeing as the wedding was over two months ago, that was a fail. We decided to use it today! We brought along Haley mostly for the fun of it, but she had high hopes that she would be able to get a regular manicure for herself. We had a morning appointment so, of course, we stopped at Starbucks beforehand for a little pre-salon snack. Yum! Kelly got her nails done first, with a brilliant blue color and a silver “chevron” accent nail. By chevron, I mean one zig-zag line at the tip of her nail. It was interesting. Next, was me! My sister always make fun of me for getting some sort of shade of light pink but I can’t help it; I love it too much! They were teasing me a bunch so I ended up going a little crazy and getting a darker coral color - WHOA! Crazy me. I did, however, get an accent nail for the first time. It was a subtle silver sparkle. I actually liked it a lot. Don’t think I would ever care enough to paint it on myself at home but it’s pretty cute, nonetheless.

After she was finished with my nails, I asked our manicurist if Haley could get her little nails done and since she had extra time before her next appointment, she said yes! Haley was ecstatic inside, but trying to play it cool. It was her first time getting her nails done! She basically got the same color as me with the same accent nail but I’m okay with it! She is my mini-me and I love whenever she wants to have the same whatever as me. She’s so cute! After getting our nails done, we did a little shopping. It was a great day and I will miss these two uncontrollably when I am in Dallas.

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