Moving in Monday

Monday, September 23, 2013
Today has been an exciting day for Ciao Bella Boutique! We got the opportunity to put some of our items in a salon's shop! Amanda and I spent the day moving our stuff in an shuffling around everything else. I wish we took before and after pictures because the changes are astonishing! We are planning on moving a few things in next week to fill up the space more. In addition to having Ciao Bella's stock in the salon, I got to put up some of my paintings!! The salon owner saw them and told me that she could give me part of a wall down the hallway! I hope my paintings sell and I hope people love my work, ahhhhhh. I am feeling so blessed for all the opportunities and people in my life right now. 

Be sure to check out the sweet salon who is letting us use their space! They are located in Plano, TX and their website is

I've still got a fun night ahead of me consisting of friends and football planned so I hope everyone is having just as an eventful day as me... Now if David would get home already!
Happy Monday!

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