DIY Cork Board

Monday, February 24, 2014
I have been browsing Pinterest and home magazines trying to find something cute, easy and useful to occupy a wall in our living room. Our walls are long and hard to decorate on a small budge since we can't buy huge pieces. I finally came across this picture and decided to make something similar. This picture has no directions posted with it but I'm sure there are others with directions if you look around more than I did. So since there were not directions, I'm a little bit proud of myself for coming up with this end project by myself. Here is my inspiration picture and directions following:

1) Buy ingredients - cork squares, poster board, hot glue, fabric
- Cork Squares - 2 4-pack squares from Walmart @ $12 each
- Poster Board - $8.00 from Office Depot (you can probably find these cheaper elsewhere)
 - Hot glue and gun from Walmart
Fabric from JoAnn Fabric's cost me $2.10 !
2) Glue cork squares onto poster board
3) Cut of excess board if you do not plan to use the whole board
4) Place fabric onto cork side of the board
5) Hot glue the edges onto the back of the board (I also used duct tape for extra holding)
6) Nail to your wall! (if you don't want to nail it into your wall, I'm sure there are other methods to anchor it on the wall but this was easiest for us) 

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