Sunday, September 13, 2015
Let's start the story about how the heck I got to FashionXDallas...

So to preface, Bethany (@bma_21) and I had been chatting a little bit on Instagram because we live in the same area and were talking about getting together soon, so Bethany DM'ed me her number and I noticed that I also had a 2 day old DM from someone! I guess since I wasn't friends with this person, Instagram didn't notify me about it. Well this girl named Erin, who was part of the FashionXDallas team organizing the 3 night event, asked me to attend a one of the shows. Unfortunately I just saw her message on Friday morning so I had already missed the first night, and I had babysitting plans for a friend for Friday night. I asked if there were still tickets available for Saturday night, Erin said there were a few spots left and asked if I wanted one or two tickets. I told her "2, please!" and then started my venture for finding a girl friend to go to the show with me!

PS - the tickets were 2nd row! Wowza.

Most of my girl friends here in Dallas aren't very girly. Some of them go shopping only once in a while and some of them rather play sports so I knew finding someone to go with would be hard - especially since it was so last minute. So I put up a (somewhat pathetic, yet enticing) FB post, tagged a few girls and hoped that someone would be available. Long story short, none of my close friends could go so I went out on a limb and asked Bethany if she wanted to go with me. Even though we hadn't met yet, and she accepted! I was so excited!! We talked about what we were going to wear (duh) and made plans to meet up beforehand and drive there together. Let me just say that Bethany is so fun, pretty and down to earth!! It was a breath of fresh air to find a new, fashion loving girl to hang out with! I had a blast with her and I'm so happy she went to the show with me.

Catherine Lowe from the Bachelor was sitting right across from us so I looked like a stalker trying to get a picture of her... Whoops

So me being the little wannabe blogger that I am, felt so cool to get invited to fashion show! That might sound super lame but oh well. I really thought FashionXDallas wouldn't be a big deal and that maybe they were just trying to fill seats up, but when we got there, it was pretty packed. I'm not sure how Erin found me on Instagram, or why I got asked to the event and maybe she reached out to a ton of people, but I am so freaking happy that I got asked! This was the first legitimate fashion show I had been to and it was just a really awesome experience for me.

So can I be completely honest for a minute? I've been feeling a little let down about Instagram lately and have kind of been giving myself a hard time. I see and follow a ton of amazing girls who have great style and I've been comparing myself to them a bit. They have beautiful bags and expensive clothes that I just can't afford. And by no means am I trying to hate on anyone who can afford those things! I wish I could too. Actually, most of my clothes are a few years old and I rarely buy new items. Shortly after my husband and I got married, we decided to each set aside $50 a month for "fun money" for each one of us so this means clothes for me, and whatever random video games or new technology he wants. This was to tame my buying wants and keep me from buying everything in sight. (Let me just say that this doesn't include going out, eating, going to the movies, etc. - that would just be crazy.) But this system has stuck around for 2.5 years and we are still going strong. It's not that we can't necessarily spend more but my husband and I are both frugal, we are paying off student loans and saving for a house so this is just a responsible way to keep track of our "fun money".

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this but I just felt the need to type it all out. Maybe some of you can empathize with me?! A friend of mine was so surprised when I told her I only spend $50 a month on clothes and said that I should blog about it more, so here I am?! I rarely spend more than $15 on one item - it actually hurts me to spend more than that. Call me crazy. But this is also why I try to link affordable items for you girls to check out. I don't want any of my friends to be buying expensive things that I wouldn't buy myself! And of course I wish I could afford $80 dresses and $400 purses but that's not realistic for me right now and who knows when it will be. So for now, I will be doing my normal frugal shopping and trying to be content where I am in life and with my things :)

Necklace: Gorjana via Rocksbox but you can also find it here
(you can use my code "astoldbystacyxoxo" for your first month of Rocksbox for free!)
Top: Hollister
Skirt: Forever 21, similar, similar
Heels: Charlotte Russe, similar, similar

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  1. LOVE this post! It's SO hard not to play the comparison game... I get so down on myself when I do.. Such an ugly road to go down! Thanks for being so genuine!! Also, I totally would have been that girl trying to snap a picture of Catherine. Love her! SO jealous you got to go to that event... SO cool!!! Have a great day Stacy!