ROCKTOBER, BABY - October Concerts in Dallas 2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019
There is a weird influx of concerts happening in Dallas this month. I couldn't believe it every time I heard another musician! I don't know if it has always been a thing, but I October described as "Rocktober" on the radio and it was absolute music to my ears (LOLZ - get it?!)

Since there were SO many concerts going on, I decided to round them up and give you a little insight to the first one on my list - Cold War Kids at The Rustic on Oct. 9th!

Dallas Concerts 2019

Rocktober, Baby!

You'll find me at: X Ambassadors, Ra Ra Riot, and Chainsmokers!

Cold War Kids at The Rustic Dallas

I personally kicked off Rocktober with Cold War Kids at The Rustic's Birthday Bash! I'm usually begging my friends to go to shows with me but I somehow was able to drag some neighborhood friends along for the ride, too. 

Not going to go in depth about the concert because #boring but if you are a fan of Cold War Kids at all, I highly recommend seeing them live! They sound exactly like their music which is always a huge plus. They put on a great show, were interactive with the audience, played 98% of the songs that I wanted to here and it was an overall blast! 10/10 would recommend.

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