Thursday, October 24, 2013
Yesterday I went to work then David and I had a movie night! Our country club has free movie nights and last night was The Internship. I thought it was going to be better, but I didn't hate it. If you plan on seeing it, lower your expectations. (PS - sorry for the awful picture quality).

Scarf: I can't remember for the life of me!
Dress: Ciao Bella Boutique (last season)
Tights: Payless
Boots: Payless (last season)

Ciao Bella added a new scarf online yesterday! You can buy yours here.

Tomorrow David, Miley and I are headed to Searcy to see my whole family!! I never thought that we would head back to Harding so soon after leaving, but it is definitely worth it! CAN'T WAIT!

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