Checkin' Out Dallas: Oak Cliff Brewing Review

Thursday, May 30, 2019
 Oak Cliff Brewery

Oak Cliff Brewing Company is less than a year old and located at the end of Tyler Station - yes, the DART station! In full disclosure, my office is also in Tyler Station, which is how I first even heard about OCBC!

The guys that work here are so chill and friendly, but super helpful at the same time. One of my biggest pet peeves at bars/restaurants/stores is when the employees are too chill. As in, too chill to the point of being unhelpful and seemingly uncaring. And that is quite the opposite of the Oak Cliff dudes! They are enthusiastic about their beers (as they should be!) and will let you taste everything before committing to ordering something.

It's always a little difficult for me to do beer reviews because I don't have the world's most sophisticated palette. I tend to stay towards the light/amber beers but hey, here we go.

Oak Cliff Dallas

What I Tried at Oak Cliff Brewing

1. Hefeweizen
2. Lady Glasses
3. Juicy Fruit
4. Farmhouse

I actually enjoyed all of these beers but with a flight, but you almost always have a favorite! And in this case, my #1 was the Hefeweizen, but Farmhouse and Juicy Fruit were pretty close seconds. My least favorite of the bunch was Lady Glasses and that's because it was a little bit more on the sour side (in my opinion) and it still was not bad by any means! I think it just has to do with your own taste buds  👅 

The Atmosphere at Oak Cliff Brewery

The atmosphere is always an important factor anywhere that you go. At OCBC, it's a very chill environment that is still fun. They have games - like Jenga, foosball, and boardgames - and a nice seating area that gives you a view of the brewery no matter where you camp out. It's one of those places that is consistently busy but not too busy to the point where you don't have a spot to sit and those types of places are my favorite! There are so many spots in Dallas where I know I'm going to have to fight for a spot even before I get there, which is never fun. 

Overall, the beer was great, the atmosphere was chill, and you should check it out.

Learn more about them here.

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