What I'm Loving: May Favorites 2019

Saturday, June 1, 2019
Each month I round up a list of my current favorites - from TV shows, to beauty products, outfits and everything in between!


If I Can't Have You by Shawn Mendes
I mean DUH!!
(I wish Spotify told you how many times you listened to a song in a month.... Or maybe I don't!?)


Zucchini Pizza Boats
Not to get too deep in a favorites post, but I’ve been feeling incredibly self conscious about my body lately. I’m close to hitting 30, and I’ve already been told many times how that’s when your metabolism hits a wall and I now see what everyone was talking about... I workout a few times a week and eat okay (not super healthy but probably healthier than most of the country) but I recently decided that I need to make some healthier choices as far as my diet is concerned. 

On my popular page on IG, I came across an account called @thecaloriedoctor that was sharing some surprisingly easy, healthy meals - like actually really easy, not easy compared to a 3 course meal - so I decided to follow! They had a quick 20 minute recipe for zucchini boats and compared them to pizza. They had me at pizza....

Obviously, if you’re truly craving a pizza, eat a piece of pizza. This won’t satisfy that craving or make you nearly as full as all the bread would but MAN is it delicious!! I was actually really surprised at how yummy these were!

Here’s the recipe:
2 large zucchini
1 cup tomato sauce
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella

Directions: Preheat oven to 425F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut zucchini in half, length wise, and scoop out the center. Pour tomato sauce into each half and top with mozzarella cheese. Bake in the oven for approximately 18 minutes until zucchini softens and cheese melts. Enjoy immediately or store for up to 4 days in the fridge! 


Glee (on Netflix)
I ride the DART (train) to and from work everyday and it's about a 40 minute ride so I wanted to find a show to watch that wasn't my usual murder mystery so I wouldn't mind not finishing it in one sitting (I watch half on the way there, half back, so one episode a day. It's an intricate system I built here). I was aiming for something upbeat that would keep me entertained and awake. And then, just like God was reading my mind, up popped Glee under my suggested shows on Netflix.

I watched most of the seasons when it was live on TV, except apparently the last season. There are 6 seasons on Netflix and the first 5 are pretty solid. Obviously, it's set in high school so it's a little on the immature side as far as story lines go, but it has some bomb songs and a lot of character involvement and build up. I swear I cry - both from pure joy and sadness - every third episode. I think I'm getting soft in my older age...

Whether or not you watched the show a decade ago when it was popular or are starting new, I really think you'll enjoy it if you have any musical bone in your body and like to be entertained.

PS - Finn Hudson forever <3

You'll always be my quarterback


Banana Boat After Sun Lotion
Tis the season for sunburns - am I right?

This lotion by Banana Boat has been my ride or die for more years than I can even count. Being from Florida, I feel like I take pride in proper sun care. Not to say that I never get burnt, because I definitely do, but I take really good care of my sunburns.

I think aloe is probably the #1 go-to that people think of for sunburns and it does work, but it also feels sticky and weird. I always wanted a lotion that would combat peeling but not be sticky, and this is the perfect option. Even with some of my worst sunburns, I don't peel thanks to this stuff! I think I actually just ended up grabbing this randomly at Target and it was the best impulse purchase I have ever made.

You can also add lavender essential oil to mix in with the lotion for extra healing power!


The Enneagram Test
You might have seen on Instagram how I went on a little enneagram tangent and how enlightening and insightful taking the results are! If you haven't heard of the personality test sweeping the nation, you should totally check it out. The "official" test is through The Enneagram Institute and there are also a ton of free ones online but they aren't all super accurate. From my experience, Your Enneagram Coach is a great one (and free!) one, you just have to enter your email at the end. Or if you are super set on not giving your email out, you can try a free one with the possibility of maybe not getting the best results.

What I love so much about this personality test is that the results have been oddly spot on for 99% of people I have talked to about it and it really resonates. I've taken other personality tests like Myers Briggs and whatever other ones are out there in the universe but none of them ever sounded like me; sometimes I'm an introvert, other times I'm extroverted, I love being social but I like being alone too. You see what I'm getting at! With the enneagram test, you get a number (1-9) and sometimes with a wing (1-9). You can have wings on either side of your prime number. For instance, 7w6, 1w2, etc.

I'm a 4 - "the individualist" (aka the creative, moody type LOL)
We're the emo number and I am certainly a more extroverted 4 because I rather be around people than by myself 85% of the time.
enneagram types
Truly, too accurate

The difference about the enneagram test is that it helps you explore the "darker" and not so great parts about yourself so that you can learn from it, and it also teaches you how to understand and interact with other numbers, and it talks about your personal high and lows. This refers to when you're at your best and productive, along with how you are when you're stressed and not feeling the best. I love that this test has a more fluid description and overview of our personalities.

Here are some funny yet embarrassingly accurate 4 memes I pulled from @ennegramandcoffee:

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