Working Wednesday

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Today has been such a fiasco. We had a site survey in downtown Dallas at The City Club. I love downtown, but it is oh so confusing. I drove around for probably 10 minutes, weaving in and out of one-way streets trying to find the parking garage we were supposed to be at. And I almost hit someone in the crosswalk and I hate myself!! I was honestly devastated. It was so scary. I didn't even see him. Then I was walking from building to building trying to meet up with my manager. Theeeeen the site survey took almost two and a half hours! So by noon:thirty I was already pooped. Then we grabbed lunch, headed back to the office and I worked until 5:30. Oiy vey and I exhausted!

Happy Wednesday, huh?

So the venue we were at was on the 69th floor of the Renaissance Building in downtown Dallas. Basically the whole floor had windows with an aerial view of Dallas. I love the city! This picture doesn't do it justice and of course I probably took the most boring picture I could with none of the iconic buildings in the background but whatever.

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