LipSense Review

Sunday, November 13, 2016
I would bet on the fact that you've heard of LipSense before! I started to hear about this company on Instagram and they're known for their super long-lasting lip color. If you are wondering if it really is as long-lasting as they claim, the answer is yes! If that's all you want to know, head to the bottom of this post for a special discount code and to see who to contact to order yourself some LipSense. If you want to know every detail that I've experienced while trying it out for myself, keep reading!

If you've read any of my reviews before, you know I take note of every little detail and this instance was no different. Let's note that I have pretty sensitive lips and hydration is my number one priority. I am always applying lip balm and basically only wear hydrating lipsticks so keep that in mind :) I like to be thorough with you girls though!

First off, there are SO MANY colors to choose from! Like, a daunting amount but also an amazing variety! I searched a lot on Google for some color swatches other than the one that they provide on the site. They definitely give you a sense of the color on the site but colors always look different on an actual person. I ended up searching something like "LipSense swatches on lips" which helped a bit and I also tried finding any evidence of colors on someone with my skin tone. Am I a weirdo or does everyone do this!? It's just crazy how the same color pink can look so much different on lighter skin than it does on darker skin. Since I was doing this as a review, I went with a relatively safe color of pink for me. It's called "Luv It" by LipSense.

LipSense gloss and "Luv It" shade
The application process takes a little time to get used to but once you do, it's no big deal. The instructions say to swoop the applicator across your lips once, in one solid motion. So one swoop across the bottom lip, and once swoop across the top. This turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated, but I'm no pro. It was really hard for me to make a clean line in one swoop at a time. It doesn't sound that bad but when you're used to doing little lines and kind of outlining your lips before applying all the color, this part is a little difficult. You let each coat set for 5-ish second then apply the next layer. They also said to do this 3 times to get the full color effect - I assume you can do more or less, depending on the pigmentation on the color that you have? Then you apply the gloss layer on top to finish it off.

The first time I tried out LipSense, I honestly wasn't too impressed. The color transferred a little onto my drink after a few hours of wear and faded quit a bit at lunch when I ate a salad and I was honestly kind of over it already. Thankfully, I reached out to De'dy, the LipSense distributor I am working with (her contact info is below), and she gave me a list of "how-to's" for applying it and let me know that the gloss is your best friend!

After reading over all these variables and trying out LipSense a bit more, I found that it really does last all day if you abide by the "rules." Don't be discouraged if the first few times you try it, it doesn't turn out to be all that you expected. Take note of the list above about why your LipSense isn't lasting and it will definitely help you out. I will just say that I felt that it dried out my lips a bit but the gloss really is your best friend! I think the gloss is the part that really keeps the color on all day and it does add a bit of moisture to your lips as well. I suggest wearing a lip conditioner/balm overnight before you apply this the next day to help retain some moisture!

Now taking it off at the end of the day is quite a process - it definitely sticks to your lips! I have literally spent so many minutes at the end of the day trying to scrub it away. De'dy suggested using makeup remover, a microfiber wash cloth, or Neutrogena facial cleansing bar (but this one will probably dry out your lips). I didn't have any of these so a makeup remover wipe is what I went with and it took a long time to take off. This can be a good or bad thing, depending how you look at it. Great if you love a color that lasts, and not so great if you have sensitive lips. I feel like my lips were exhausted after scrubbing this off at the end of the day. I wanted to give them a break from lip color for a little bit and and lip balm it up. Again, I have sensitive lips and skin so maybe I am just being a baby about it. I think if you wear other long lasting lip color on the reg, you'll be fine!

So all in all, I think LipSense is absolutely worth the price and the hype if your number one priority is a long-lasting color. If you have any kind of interest in trying LipSense, definitely reach out to De'dy! She gave me a special discount code ("ASTOLDBYSTACY") to share with my followers that will get you 15% off your order. This code will be active for one week so be sure to take advantage of it! You have to order from De'dy via DM on Instagram here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to her too - I know she will help you out!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your honest review. I am a big fan of Lipsense and use it everyday.