Thursday, January 31, 2019

What I'm Loving: January Favorites 2019

Each month I round up a list of my current favorites - from TV shows, to beauty products, outfits and everything in between!


Mais La by Royal Teeth


I recently got these adorable tassel earrings from and built a whole outfit around them. Does anyone else do that!? They will come in so handy for Galentine's Day!

Friday, January 25, 2019

My First Bumble Experience

first bumble experience in Dallas

Bumble is a weird world. Online dating is a weird world. And you might be wondering why anyone would venture into the unknown land of online dating, when all you usually hear are horror stories.

For me, it was mainly out of curiosity. And my first Bumble experience was one for the books.

[ if you read over the whole post, at least read the screenshots at the end for a nice laugh. I laughed the whole time writing this ]

After being in a relationship for about 4ish years, I missed the start of the Tinder and online dating epidemic that overtook this country. I had always heard horror stories (and a few good turnouts) from these apps and the concept was always interesting/weird to me. When I found myself in a state of being single again, I thought I would give it a try!

If you aren't familiar with Bumble, you can choose to match or pass on every person who pops up on your screen. If you both decide to swipe right (aka match with each other), you have 24 hours to start communicating or you miss out on your chance to talk to this person - which is a pretty annoying requirement, IMO.

The first guy I seemingly hit it off with was this guy named Tom*; he was pretty cute, rather talkative, and actually kept my short attention span interested. After a week or so of talking on the app, he asked for my number and we start texting. Texting turned into sporadic but long phone calls and he was easy to talk to, kept the conversation going, and I had no complaints. I was feeling pretty comfortable with him - comfortable enough to want to meet up!