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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Just a couple outfits from this week!

Dress: Forever21
Bow bracelet:
Wedges: Payless, similar

So, a little (and quite pointless) story of my tassel adventure... Over the last few weeks, I have been seeing tassel bracelets occupy Instagram and I couldn't wait to get myself one! It took me a while to pick out which colors I wanted to get at first - I am so indecisive - but I finally settled on a white tassel and black tassel, thinking that they would match the most. After having this bracelet significantly less than 24 hours, I ended up ordering 3 more colored tassels online last night {insert crying/laughing emoji face here}. I couldn't help myself!! And my husband thinks I'm a crazy tassel lady now...

How cute is little Tanky Tank!? He loves my new bracelet too ;)
Nails: Walmart {Easy Going by Sinful Colors - here}
Sandals: Target, similar, similar
Dress: Plato's Closet

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